Art Show

Stations of the Cross/Vatican Studios Grand Opening

Here’s a few pictures from the Stations of the Cross show & Vatican Studios grand opening last week. Big thanks to Franco Vescovi for putting together this show. I was honored to be part of it. The turn out was amazing, so much talent under one roof and a large part of the proceeds from the auction are going to the City of Hope Childrens Fund, which made this event that much more important. I had a great time there. Wish I could post all the crosses but there was way too many. Photos: Monica Torres

SmogTown Trece

First and foremost want to thank Rigo and D Baurmann for making this show possible and all the artist who participated in this show... Prime, Retna, Gajin Fujita, Chaz, Defer, Estevan & Eriberto Oriol, Jaime Tripas, Germs and I have to say it was a humbling experience to be part of this show. I"ll keep it short, there are to many names to list so ONE BIG THANKS to every single person that took the time to show up and support us. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. Please stay tuned cause there is definitely something big in the works!!! LETTERING SHOW??? I believe so.. Much Respect Big Sleeps                                        

Trece Art Show

I'm honored to announce my first art show along with my good homie Prime K2S going down September 1st. Come out for good times, good vibes and good art. Hope to see you there. Thanks for the support.