New Fairfax Studios

Here goes another great session. This one was done on Fairfax by me and my good homie Mr. Defer K2S. We had lots of fun on this wall. It was all done with acrylic paint and brushes in under 3 hours and was a special gift for our friend and owner Norm of Fairfax Studios formerly known as Will Rise Tattoo. Always a pleasure painting with such a talented artist such as Defer, he definitely pushes every piece to another level. Also wanna thank my girl for all these great pictures, you're the best. Stay tuned for more great productions. K2S family reppin’ on Fairfax. Photos: Monica Torres

2 Responses to New Fairfax Studios

  1. Robert Carrillo says:

    Damm boys!! so far to of the most talented writers now artists Im blessed to know..keep it pushing G,s

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