Tattoo Nation

Don't sleep on this dope flick. YouTube Preview Image

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  1. ruben morales says:

    mr. sleeps, props to you!!! your work is amazingly awesome!!! you have taken the lettering game to a whole new level. i am one of your biggest fan. i,myself am an artist and love to do the same thing,basically, which is lettersketching. i too call it an “artform” and love to approch it as such. is there any chance,in a near future, you be hittin the 787(puerto rico) for one of your gigs? im just fascinated with that “westcoast lifestyle”and the westcoast streetlife culture and vibe. if there’s anything you can help me out on info or how to keep doing what i love and that’s llettersketching, please hit me up!!! keep doing what ur doing, your game is sick.

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